Saturday, January 22, 2011

Robot Zoo @Omnitheatre Singapore 16 January 2011

Saturday 1pm
Computerised ticketing kiosk where we purchased "Robot Zoo" tickets, at SGD1 per person (adult/child)

Robot Zoo exhibits will end on Mar 2011.
It uses biomechanics of giant robot animals to simulate how real animals work. There are cutaway sections of the animal robots where you can see the machine parts and gadgets. It displays six larger-than-life-animals - bat, chameleon, giraffe, grasshoper, platypus and rhino.

Information board.

bat robot which has a loudspeaker on its head which emits sound waves while a higly sensitive receptor pick up returning echoes to locate the object which is similar to how bat hunt for food in the complete darkness using their own sonar system.

tool sheds beside rhino robot.

En using the buttons to fire the chameleon long tongue. Hui loves the puzzle - constructing her own shapes of animal. 

En spent the longest time with the giraffe, saying it could see and communicate with her. !!!!

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