Friday, January 14, 2011

Not tadpoles? 7 January 2010

Friday afternoon.
We went to dpc park after hearing aunty J spotted some frogspawn. Unfortunately, we couldn't locate any. I used a tiffin to scoop some tadpoles (which I thought was tadpoles) and some algae with water snail on it. Happily, I thought we could observe the life cycle of frog again.  

En trying to fish with her self made rod.
I found a shady place, sat down and went into deep thoughts while En&Hui played by the brook. En came over and asked what I was doing. I told her I was thinking about life. She said, " me too". Naturally, the next question from me would be, "What is on your mind? " En added ' I can't tell you, I think of it everyday and you will know it when I grow up'. !!!!!  

Hui cooked with the stinky water from the brook. Just like what I did when I was a child.

When dad came home at night, he said that those are  fishes and not tadpoles !! 
The next morning, I told En about it. She replied 'Yeah tadpole's head is big and black'. My jaw dropped, I asked 'Why didn' t you tell me yesterday ?' Oh man! This is embarassing. ;p


June said...

Water level has to be low to see the toad spawn. Try check out in the morning when the water flow to the brook is shut.

Ng Shannon said...

Yes ma'am. :))) Thank you.