Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Central Fire Station, Singapore 17 January 2011

Monday morning.
Bidding farewell, to aunty PL is hard. There was hardly time to catch up. Thanks so much, PL.

On the way to Peranakan Museum, we passed by the Central Fire Station.

"All are welcome", how sweet !  
Okay, I will pay a visit when we are in Singapore on a Saturday.

The firestation is huge and well,  nice to see.. we stood by the gate and admire the colossal building.

The moment we passed by the side of the building, we heard an announcement. Shortly after,  someone opened the red gate.

Within a minute, the fire engine departed.

Fire engine heading toward the road.

Left - "Is there a fire somewhere? " - they asked
Right - The civil defence heritage is closed on Monday. Entrance is loacted at the side of the fire station.

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