Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thaipusam, Batu Caves 20 January 2011

Thursday morning.
We took a train to Batu Caves. Direction - KTM from Rawang to Putra. Cross the pedestrian overhead bridge to the opposite platform and board the train which terminates at Batu Caves. When the 650am train arrived at Putra, all the carriages were full to the brim. We couldn't get in and I began to think that we won't be able to make it there.  If I were to go to Batu Caves to see the celebration of Thaipusam next year, I would take a taxi there in the morning. 

Suprisingly, the next train that arrived at 723am was pretty empty and the journey to Batu Caves was smooth and easy.

Crowd control at Batu Caves train station on the return leg.
A police officer stood by the staircase, releasing passengers to the platform after the previous batch of passengers have boarded the train.

Crowd at ticket counter. It's advisable to buy a return ticket on your way up to Batu Caves.Otherwise, prepare loose change/notes to purchase  from ticket machine which has a shorter queue.

Passengers waiting in line at Batu Caves station. The ride was okay if you don't mind travelling in the packed train and we were the only Chinese in our coach. :))) The devotees were polite, letting me board first, upon seeing me carrying Hui.

We passed by the market once we stepped out of the train station.

Areca nut is wrapped in betel leaves for chewing (also known as betel nut) . The lady let us try one of the ingredient in the bowl and it tasted sweet.

The huge crowd of devotees fulfilling their vows. I love the Jasmine flowers tied on the hair of some devotees.

Devotees held milk pot on their head for offering to Lord Murugan.
Trays containing different types of offerings.  

Kavadi with hooks pierced into the devotee's body and pulled a decorated cart.

The more pain, the greater the merits. It is also for fullfillment of vows for prayer answered.

Right- a kavadi bearer resting on a stool, carried by helper.

Some devotees wearing Lord Murugan's favourtite colours - yellow and orange.

 A devotee pierced his skin with val skewers.

Some of the items being sold in the market.

Our posters - 3 for RM10. Yellow plastic bags contain praying items at RM3 per bag. 
Left - En's souvenir, flowers garland and a yellow plastic bag. Right - a sneak peak into the yellow plastic bag.

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