Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caring Moment 12 January 2011

Wednesday 9am
At Taman Tasik Menjalara.

En ran towards the tunnel slide, upon seeing Hui sliding down. She wanted to remind her of the crack at the bottom of the slide.

"Slow down, slow down, mei mei, the slide is broken"

There are 6 important points in the education of the heart which influences parents on how to they view their children:

1. Don't look at the weak point or shortcomings. Focus on his/her strong points and praise him/her from that.
2. Don't look at the present form as the completed form, know that the child is growing in progress and believe that he/she will continue to improve.
3. Don't be a perfectionist. Try to think that it is okay not to be perfect or it's okay not to be able to do a certain thing now.
4. Don't compare. Every child has a potential to be the best. Our child is growing at his/her own pace.
5. Don't put priority in academic achievements. Recognise his/her effort even if he/she does not do well.
6. Learn to see the child as perfect - just as he/she is.

A change in the parents' view toward their child will change the child. Normally, parents view their child in a negative way because (1) parents set standards to evaluate their children, and (2) parents compare their own children with others. Once parents change their mindset to a positive one, children will relax and start opening up their heart. As a result, their brain will be developed. It will not be long before they develop into wonderful children - Makoto Shichida.

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