Monday, January 24, 2011

Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. 16 January 2011

Sunday 8am
Previous Chek Jawa Trip

Pulau Ubin = Granite Island. Granite used to be extensively quarried from the hills. Altogether, there are 10 quarries at this island.
Currently, there are less than 100 families live in kampong houses without piped water and electricity. Villagers rely on noisy generators for electricity and wells for water.

Cycling to Chek Jawa from Celestial Resort takes about 45minutes. One bicycle rental will costs about SGD10-12. Alternatively, you can hire a van for SGD35 for a round trip, which takes about 10-15minutes. Contact Mr Moh 9731 7629.
Left- no bicycles beyond the entrance, so remember to ask for a bike lock when you rent one. Right- dad & his mangrove guide.

Do check the best time to visit Chek Jawa Wetlands before going. The array of marine life is only completely revealed during lowest of tides.

Getting upclose with two majestic Oriental Pied Hornbill.

Across this path on the left, we came to the coastal loop entry point which we didn't get to explore on our previous trip here.

Glass panel platform. En with her new toy - a pair of binoculars. SGD49 Celestron 12 x 25. Time to go bird watching. Raptor watch at Tanjung Tuan will be next on the list.

EnHui always pick up leaves, grass, flowers, stones etc etc..

We could see airplane takes off every few minutes.

Head to Mangrove platform. En tried to catch a fiddler crab.

From flower bud to branch with bud.

bakau kurap

we spotted lots of grasshoppers

a magnificient stick insect.

hop hop hop from one leaf to another.

Left- mud lobster forming huge mound which provide habitat to fiddler crabs, spiders and snakes.
Right- erected breathing roots grew out of the oxygen-starve mud to obtain oxygen.

Acrophobia attack at Jejawi tower but for showing off to the kids, I climbed with trembling knees. :))

Wild boar are common at Pulau Ubin. They are shy and generally avoid human but can be aggresive when cornered.

The charming cottage that has a fireplace which probably the only one working in Singapore.

The newly built platform which stretches out to the sea, just behind the charming cottage. I will come back at the lowest tide -maybe Mar/ Apr 2011.

Rubber tree at the rubber plantation.

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