Monday, January 24, 2011

Celestial Resort, Pulau Ubin, Singapore 15 January 2011

Currently, this is the only resort in Pulau Ubin. SGD83 for weekday or SGD97 for weekend, with breakfast for a single standard bedroom with a twin bed or two single beds. The check in lobby is 100m walk from the entrance.

The row of standard rooms.

En loves this one - single standard junior suite, said the next visit, we must take this room.

En mentioned  'It is her first time staying at a room with backdoor which lead to a backyard. Just like Uncle SC's room at Ruby Resort". When she sees tree, that's where she belongs. :)))

This a one of the ten quarries in Pulau Ubin, located within the vicinity of the resort. The water activities and the quarry area is of a different management. We have to pay to go in!!!  SGD5 for 4 of us.  The place behind the quarry is a restaurant, where dad and I could finished our meal while watched over them.

The bridge which links to the restaurant.

En pestered dad to go kayaking with her. Hui sat in the middle ! SGD10 unlimited time.

En caught these hermit crabs herself  - so she said when we came over.

EnHui's castle.

Split Gill commonly found on cut - log.

Most of the coconut trees here are surrounded with coin leaf. I felt creepy looking at it.

small area of beach, adjacent to the check in lobby.

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