Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow World Genting vs Snow City Singapore 2 January 2011

Monday night
En pleaded to go Snow World Genting again. Once she stepped in, she ran all around laughing gaily. I felt great seeing her, so happy. Without much hesitation, she laid down and spreaded her arms and legs flat to the ground, made snow angel..  

En scooped some snow and showed me with a grin. I was outside, watching her from the glass panel.
Photos were snapped, using 'snow scene' and camera being tilted slightly away from glass panel.

Snow City Singapore next to Omnitheatre, Science Centre Road.
We went there without long pants and were refused entry. Socks are a must too.
At Snow World Genting Highland, the same requirements are practiced but it's not strictly adhered to.  

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