Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Genting Strawberry Farm 2 January 2011

Turn to Gotong Jaya and you will be able to see the sign to Genting Strawberry Farm. The entrance is free. 

At the self pick strawberry area. According to the signage(photo below), one basket will be shared by 3 people. The kind uncle gave both enhui a basket and a pair of scissor each. Having picked strawberry a number of times, both went ahead and filled their basket without me. 

Check the price - very costly. 
At the mushroom farm, shaded and cooling.. made me wonder if our mushroom at home will grow. 

some exhibits on bees - honey. Hui spent the longest time here, astonished by the bees.

Organic bean sprout. 
From seedlings to harvested bean sprout.

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