Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pasir Ris Park, Singapore 16 January 2011

Sunday 5pm
The kids never get enough of Pasir Ris Park. It's just a stone's throw away from Aunty PL 's home,oohh  how nice.

Such great park in Singapore and there are many more parks like this.

Picnic by the grass

or by the sea.
Left - lots of majestic rain trees with birdnest ferns on them. Run En Run!!
Right -many signages with the message "Fight Myopia. Encourage your kids to spend more time outdoor and less time watching TV and playing computer and hand-held games

I shall check the camping site one fine day. En has been asking me to camp again.
The public barbeque area is sparkling clean !!!!!

Beach! and there are clean toilets and bathroom nearby, with no charge.

Playground!! So many equipments of different challenges.

En on a long slide! and on the right - Hui rock-climbed up and slide down again and again. Some kids slide down on the smooth green surface. So FUN to be kids ! 

Left- En & Yi - looking at them, reminded me of Yi's mom and I, at a school playground when we were 7 .
Right - check out the rope climbing equipment.

Left - Hui on the flying fox. There are only two around and a kid can only play for a short time before passing it the next kid in line. 
Right- Younger children play area.

Left - run and spin the dish. Right- more rock climbing.

Suspension bridge under maintenace. The upkeep of the equipment is excellent.
And you know what, there are still more equipments beside those you have just seen !!!!

Spin me, SPIN !! We LOVE this park.

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