Saturday, June 30, 2012

White Oven Brick, Kubu Gajah, Sg Buloh Selangor 10 June 2012

The address : 1675a-1 Jalan Gajah 14, Kg Kubu Gajah
(look for TNB pole 96)

A walk onto this lane brings you to Mardia and Mustafa home and a bakery attached next to it. 

The cozy but a bit too warm dining area at the bakery.

We came for tea and scones.


The stone mill that Mustafa used to grind the wheat.
Below is the video of the process.

The different sizes of sieve.

The wheat is from Australia or United States. 

The flour grinded from the stone mill. 

Sour dough 200 grams.

Add 750grams of water.
Sprinkle some himalayan rock salt.

800 grams of wholemeal flour. And add some white flour.

Mix it by hand. 
We're told, 5 basic ingredients of making bread, that is flour, water, salt, yeast and TIME. 

Pour some oil on the table and mix the dough on the oily surface. See video below.

Leave it for an hour and mix again. Repeat this sequence 10 times!

A loaf of Gardenia Bread takes 45minutes to bake but Mustafa takes 2 days to bake one! 

The making of macro-biotic yeast, using apple core and skin.  I gotta "google" for more info on this.

The brick oven which Mustafa uses it sometimes. He has electric ovens as well.

A peep into the brick oven.

The smoke chimney of the brick oven. 

Limited freshly bake of the day for sale.

Our pre-ordered bread, fresh from the oven. 
You have to order two days in advance and it can be in any quantity.

For a visit, contact Mardia and Mustafa


DinaAbuSamah said...

Hi Shannon. I'm from Sg Buloh, Kg Kubu Gajah is so near to us infact drive through it almost every week, but yet I didn't know this place exist. Thank you for sharing, I will go with the kids and try their scones one of these days.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Dina,

You are welcome. :) I like Kg Kubu Gajah. It is such a lovely place. Enjoy your visit.

nandre said...

kubu gajah in Selama Perak ke ni?

another brick oven bread adalah di Jalan Matang, Simpang, Taiping, Perak...- my hometown...

Ng Shannon said...

Nandre, Kubu Gajah is at Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Nohemi Tutterrow said...

My family loves pizza, so I have a brick oven and an electric oven at the same time. If I want a quick and easy bake, I use the electric oven. But when we have parties and special occasions at home, I always use the brick oven. The two give you different results. For me, pizzas made from the brick oven are more flavorful. Well, just like in any other situation, something that requires more time and effort is rewarding! :)

Ng Shannon said...

Hi Nohemi,

I totally agree with you. My first taste of brick oven baked pizza was in Frankfurt. I can still remember the first bite of that awesome pizza!!! :)