Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Orchid Farm, World of Phalaenopsis, Waltex Biotex, Ulu Yam 19 May 2012

Direction - At Ulu Yam town. Passed by shop lots on both sides. Turn right after 7-11 store. 
Go straight, pass police station on your left  and over a bridge. Look for Waltex Biotec signages.
Waltex Biotec is located at Kg Sg Kamin, Ulu Yam. 

The farm entrance.

Rows after rows of orchid pots in the nursery.

Once the plant outgrown the mini pot, it will be transferred to the ones below.

Moss grass from China.

Put bits of styrofoams.

Transferred the plant and stuffed-in the moss grass.

So beautiful. Phalaenopsis. 

A tiny pond with ducks and what nots.

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