Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sports Day Set Up 28 May 2012

I hesitated in joining this "Sports Day" when a mother invited us. I recognized the importance of physical activities. Nevertheless, I dislike sports that encourage competition among the participants. However, I asked my children's opinion and they were all roaring to go.

This event was organised by a group of mothers, some home-schooled and some are not. I told the children, this is a team work event and everyone must chipped in to do something.

This banner was creatively done by a mother, who was also a party planner by profession. She did most of the planning and shared all her equipments! The kids were told of the mother's selfless contribution. 

The idea I like most was, the children were given a chance to be little entrepreneur where they could set up stalls and sell their product.
We sold our crafts (headband, wristband, anklet and brooches) which we made some time. The children took this opportunity to try their hand on selling them. 
The design ideas were from the kids and me whereas the matching of felts were all done by my 5 year old. The elder one would pick the type of accessory and glued it with a glue gun. I helped with the tricky part of sewing.  

Crafty Craffy stall, a name thought up by En.

The medal designed were selected by one of the mother and we shared the cost.

The event began with a pom-pom workout that my children chose to skip. Sand art was more interesting. 

I thought if I don't wish to pick up the pom-pom and follow the dance step, why can't my kid?

5 year old individual spoon and egg race.

5 year old team race.

Older children individual race.

Older children team clog race.

The kids joined the three legged race with enthusiasm. Having seen this type of sport in the book for few times, they finally got to try on it.

This photo somehow calm grandma a lot. I am glad. 

I have been feeling sorry for I know grandma who is illiterate, thinks the only way to make a living and get out of poverty, is by going to school to learn to read and write. She worries about her grandchildren, being not able to read and write. It doesn't help no matter how much I convince her, that learning doesn't happen in school only. 
Seeing the medal, brought a smile on her wrinkled face. It somehow reassured grandma, the grandchildren is doing just fine. 


Jade said...

The children must be having some fun on this sports day. Like this.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Jade,
Yes indeed. The kids had great fun. They hope to do it again.
Thank you, Jade.