Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camping at Rawang Commonwealth Park (Waldorf Camp Day 2) 9 May 2012

Cooking pancake for breakfast. 

Boiling water with solid fuel tablet was so slow. 

After breakfast, off the kids went with Teacher Padmini. Walked up the hill. 
Let the kids collect anything they want to and let them keep it, so said teacher. 

Walked into a bamboo forest.

Arrived at the river.

Making a bamboo raft. 

A bamboo pole was put across the river by teacher Padmini. 

En asked the teacher to hike further up.

The path that we took

On top of the hill. 
We were picking berries, so they said.

It was really nice walking up the hill in the morning. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

The path overlooked the moutain.

Arrow formation left by Hui.

Teacher Padmini has so much stamina and I was trying to keep up from behind.

Orangie coloured funghi.

Tall lean trees from atop.

Two mothers picked up these sweet potatoes leaves from the top of the hill and we ate them for dinner.

The kids picked up sticks for tonight's bonfire.

Lunch was ready when we arrived the campsite. It was prepared by some moms who didn't join the hike.

Block drawing on the floor.
The teacher told a story and the kids drew it out.

These are block crayons.



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