Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good English, Yishun Library, Northpoint Shopping Centre, Singapore 25 May 2012

I always admire the library in Singapore. It is heavenly for my dear children. 

Visiting the library is a must for my children and they will run excited along the many aisles filled with books, coming back to me with armful of books.

The right way to pronounce tuition, pasted on the wall of the library.

Learn more here.
Talk about speaking good english, well, I don't speak good English at all. 
My children is like me, they don't speak accurate or perfect English. But they have no qualms in speaking their mind to most people whom they met. 
If one day, there is a need for them to speak perfectly and accurately, I believe they will do whatever they can to brush up. 


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Rayhana, let's go Singapore. :)