Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Camping at Rawang Commonwealth Park (Waldorf Camp Day 1) 8 May 2012

This is the quiet and hilly slope that leads to the campsite of Rawang Commonwealth Park

The parking area and a white coloured office building at the right side.

Cross the bridge over a pond filled with fishes and tortoises to the campsite. Note the white office building at the far right.

Toilet is much cleaner than most campsites that I have been. And it is located near to the parking area.

After the bridge, on the left is the campsite. En is walking towards it.

There must be at least ten tents to be able to book the campsite . We have more than 10 families which fit right in.
We were charged RM10 per tent per night.

A small pavilion at the campsite for cooking. But there is no water access. So bring pails to fetch water from the pipes.

Teacher Padmini taught us how to make aloo (potato) tikki.
The ingredients are potato, cabbage, masala powder, chopped corriander leaves and atta flour.

Roll into a ball and flatten it.

Like these.

Fried it with oil. 

Teacher Padmini added some curry leaves, chopped tomatoes and nuts to some leftover and stir-fry it. 
Then we used it as topping on a piece of pita bread.
It feels like heaven when savouring it. 
The food cooked during these 3 days and 2 nights camping trip was simply delicious and besides, it was all vegetarian. Love it to bits.

The small stream where the kids and adults soaked in.

A horse stable located just across the campsite. 

Some of the roosters at the campsite. 
There are more than these and imagine the constant cockle doodle doo in the early morning at 6am. Despite that, I refuse to get up of the bed, oops.. floor.
I had to sleep on the tent floor for the very first time as my airbed leaked on the very first night. My back ached so much. I remember sighing while murmuring'why the earth is so hard', and I got a reply from En, who whispered "It is not hard mom, it is like sleeping on the grass, soooo comfortable"

En donned an apron which she made with a huge piece of leaf tied with a string she found on the ground.

I love the blue skies and at night, it was filled with stars.

Kids playing with bamboo beside the tents.


I jumped at the opportunity the moment I was invited to join the camp, mainly because I know the kids love to camp and I also feel that it is important to let kids connect to nature. Camping will be part of our life or curriculum for now. 
At night, teacher Padmini  grouped up the parents and shared some knowledge of Waldorf. She sent me to bed with one provoking thought. "If you can' t fulfill the needs of your child, then why keep them at home?". This sentence lingered in my mind throughout the camp. On the third day, I left the camp as a better mom. Waldorf is inspiring.  

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