Monday, March 11, 2013

Lost World of Tambun, Perak 17 October 2012

I wanted to skip this park but kids wanted to include it in the itinerary. 
So, here we were on the second visit. The children scurried off to the water the moment they stepped in.  

 I like the moutainous back drop.

This time we rented the huge float for RM12. It was fun to play in the waves pool.

When we wanted to take the water slide, my little kid was refused entry despite we telling them, she took the rides before. My children walked away disappointed but cheer up the next minute. It amazes me how fast children can pick themselves up. The incident would have easily spoil my day but they didn't seem to be bothered by it.  

Only two lonely riders on a weekday ! :)
This the last photo of the day. I went on a pirate boat ride with them after that and that knocked me down. I swore the ride swung  90% up the sky. My kids were laughing while I closed my eyes and prayed to God  to stop the ride instantly. The kids went on another ride while I threw up my breakfast and lunch in the toilet. 


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Your girls are fearless! And have such great attitudes! Everybody at RWW loved your girls! Hope it wasn't too much hard work for all of you!

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you very much EL. I am thankful of the opportunities given to them. No, it was not hard work at all.