Monday, March 11, 2013

Aerospace Education Discovery Tour, TUDM 25 October 2012

My first thought when I saw the list of activties given by Aerospace, was "WOw, that is long". 
It consists of -Water Rocket demonstration 
-Vortex Cannon
-Super bubbles
-Bernoulli theorem
-Solar astronomy
-Paper aircraft
-Soda straw rocket with competition
-Flight stimulation and video presentation
-Astronaut spacesuit photo opportunity
-Activities booklet
We were charged RM 950 for a maximum of 40 children.   

Sam Gibb, the faciltator is so so so so good. He is funny, full of energy and passionate in delivering the demonstration to a huge group of 40 children. 
The children were enthralled during the long 4 hours demonstation. And so was I. At the end of the tour, I felt pain on my cheek muscle for laughing so hard.

Sam showed how the wheel in motion would not fall off his finger.

This is the air cannon experiment where it shoots the cup off the head.

Making the invisible ring of air visible by filling in the trash can with theatrical smoke.

If you visit the Singapore Science Centre, check this experiment out as well.

I witness my 5 year old laughing out loud watching Sam many times. 

I am glad we came. Sam reminded me of John Holt. 
He is so interesting and so interested in children. Being genuinely interested makes the whole learning lively.  

Water rocket demonstration. 

Bernoulli Theorem

Hot Air Balloon


Super Bubbles. 
Pusat Sains Negara 's resource centre has a book and its wand on super bubbles for rent. It is located at third floor. 

Solar Astronomy.
Also read here

This is the flight simulator. 
As the weather got hotter, we were ushered into an air-condition room to watch some videos and kids had a go on the flight stimulation.

Flying the paper plane.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Wow! Where did this take place? Pusat Sains Negara? I hope it is not only for children, I would love to watch and learn, too.

Anonymous said...

hI..can i have contact for this tour?

Ng Shannon said...

I think this is the link,