Friday, March 29, 2013

Plastic Factory Tour 3 November 2012

We were invited to visit a plastic factory and little did I know, it was a factory that I once knew when I was a kid. It has evolved into a huge one involving processes from mould making to plastic injection. It was truly an eye opener for me who has no idea what and how plastic parts making is all about. 
An antique plastic injection machine. 

They have a display room with all kinds of plastic products that they produced!

Resin comes in many types and quality as well. 

Line tour

After molten plastic is injected into the mould, the plastic cools and solidify. The plastic part is then ejected out.

Colour pigments for mixing into the pure resin. Video below is the process.


CNC machine for cutting a mould to shape. This mould will eventually form the plastic part by injecting molten plastic into it.


Unknown said...

Hi, may I know where is this plastic factory and can I have the contact number? Thanks in advance!

Ng Shannon said...

Unfortunately, the factory doesn't open for public visitation. So sorry