Monday, March 11, 2013

Cheah Kongsi, Lebuh Armenian Penang 18 October 2012

Cheah Kongsi is located at Lebuh Armenian.
I was suprised that we don't need to pay any entrance fee here. 

I always admire the ancient chinese architecture and wonder if my ancestor home also look like this. 

An old photo taken in front of Cheah Kongsi. 

Meeting hall perhaps
There isn't any information provided as compare to Khoo Kongsi but to be fair, I paid to enter the latter.

Let's add some wooden bolt to our door as well....

I like it that the furniture is not pre-arranged for tourist to see. It made me feel that they are located where the last owner has last used it. 

Spacious balcony.

Ancestor praying hall.

Some of the Cheah descendants.

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