Saturday, March 30, 2013

Camping at Cherating beach 24 January 2013

We stopped here for lunch.  I heard my older one asked the staff  "Mana tandas?" This is what I like being among the Malay community, my children get to immerse in the national language.

These will prevent the "orang minyak" from coming, so they said.

Below are some snippets of what they did during the 2 night camp out.

Picking up rubbish. (we picked up 5 soiled diapers! )

Hopping about.


Catching crabs.

Herding the cows

Burying poop.

Checked on bird feeder

Goats came to visit.

Feeling the sand barefooted.


Body boarding.

Sunning our solar bulbs

Experiencing the tail end of North East monsoon wind.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

The "burying poop" photo cracked me up. I love your Nokero solar lights. Am planning to buy some but haven't gotten around to it. Cherating is an excellent place to surf. You guys sure had fun, the natural way!

Jack Ng said...

Hello Ee Lynn,

Glad you drop by. My favourite is the "orang minyak" photo. I just don't know what are they thinking. Notice the laser gun? First time I see them bring that out to camp. Cute.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Hi, Jack! No "Orang minyak" will be able to outrun your supergirls. I wonder where they learned about "orang minyak" from. A P. Ramlee movie?

Budgetjoy said...

Hi ... I would like to seek your advice about homeschooling..

Ng Shannon said...

Ee Lynn,

Your two Nokero solar lights are with me. Let me know how to pass to you. :)

"Orang Minyak" dari "Teh Tarik TV" kat mamak stall. :)

Ng Shannon said...


How can I help you? Email me?

pataniah said...

Hi Shannon
I just worry to camp at open place. Is that safe? Well my family n me plan to go to Cherating and camping this school holiday. Thanks :)

yau said...

Hi, nak tanya, pantai cherating memang dibenar naik camp ke? Ramai tak camp di sana bila malam (overnight)