Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gardening in an apartment 30 September 2012

Some flower buds finally grew on the cherry tomato plants! :) It was almost 3 months since we planted it from the seeds.

It grew to about 3 feet high. Next to the cherry tomato plant is sweet basil. We have harvested it for making pesto and the leaves grow again. :)

 We are constantly suprised by the tiny plants grown out from the compost soil. 
I think it is a pumpkin seedlings. We don't have enough space for a pumpkin to grow. 

Mini composting bin. 

We are so thrilled to find the cherry tomato plant is fruiting after almost 4 months!

When it turned red, we were jumping with joy! 

Spring onion is the easiest to plant. :)

The pandan is beginning to grow. 
It was almost dead after we brought it back from R's home, and was left with a few leaves.  


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Awesome! Basil and tomato! Looks like you have a homegrown Pizza Garden right there!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

P/S: Can you please email me your basic particulars and contact info so I can include you in the list of Raptor Watch volunteers for Green Living? My email address is I will need to forward the official volunteer form to you.

Martha said...

wow. well done! :)

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you Ee Lynn. I will email you.

Ng Shannon said...

Martha, thank you (hehe). It is just a tiny mini garden. Nothing great.