Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Caine's Arcade Global Day of Play 6 October 2012

When I read about this event, I am so sure my children would love to be part of it. They love boxes. In fact, I think all children love boxes, if only their parents allow them to play with it.  I showed her the video above and explained how it works, build your games out of box, group together with other kids from CLIC (Cooperative Learning Initiative Centre, read here) , invite people to play and the fund goes to Imagination Foundation. Without much hesitation, they said "YEAH".

The walking ticketing machine. :)

In a flash, she thought up a game and set to work. 

Her initial idea was 10cent per game and RM1 for a "fun card" that entitles to unlimited play.
The customer have to insert the money into the box and a ticket would be issued. (check the video).
As I am not sure how exactly the payment system work at CLIC, I told her to "prepare for changes and see how to adapt to it. Life is full of changes"  
At CLIC, they have a standardized payment of RM1 = 2 tokens. 
After discussing with my child, she adjusted her ticket booth to 1 token = 1 game, 2 token for a fun card.
I thought the inserting of token and waiting for the ticket to be slotted out of the box idea is slow. It turned out to be fun for the children-customers. They love looking at the ticket being slotted out!

Measure your height here. 
She said " she doesn't want to make any child cry" and so, her height measurement started from 0 which also means everyone get to play. 

The height measurement corresponds with the measurement on the floor. The customer has to stand where his/her height is.
Customer is given 5 balls. Each successful throw will get to choose a sticker.

The game attracted a crowd. By 12pm, she was exhausted.

The little toddler was one of the loyal customer. :) She was waiting for her stickers.

The busy arcade.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

Oh yeah! I'm a big fan of Caine's Arcade. I left some encouraging comments for Caine and Nirvan in their videos. Am thinking of promoting International Cardboard Day of Play as an Eco Kids activity. Your girls did well with this activity! That's a lot of customers!

Ng Shannon said...

Ee Lynn,

Thank you.
Yes,I think she did well too. It was a great wonderful effort she put in.