Sunday, January 22, 2012

Southern Folklore Museum, Ko(island) Yo, Thailand 26 December 2011

As we drove into Ko Yo main road, Southern Folklore Museum is visible by the road side.

The charges.

Dad, the curator of the museum.

We had a bird 's eye view of a fish farm from the museum's glass window.

My favourtite part, knives and tools are so cool.

Traditional coconut shaving of all sort of designs!
The kids remember their coconut shaving experience at Badan Warisan and Taman Warisan Pertanian.

Cow bells.

Hui pointed out that, one of the page in Paul Bunyan storybook has a similar gigantic saw.

This is it.

En danced along with the mask man, imagining his move.

The back scene of a shadow puppet theatre.
Hui, the Tok Dalang and Wil, the musician.

We spent almost 2.5 hours here and weren't able to see every galleries. The museum is huge for a small island.

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