Sunday, January 15, 2012

Morning market in Hatyai, Thailand 26 December 2011

At 645am, monks were seen walking in a line, each holding a metal bowl.

They were seen stationed around the market, waiting to receive food donation.
Some stalls sell food packed ready for the monks at 100baht.
After the person donated food, the monk recited a sanskrit blessing in return.

Vendor getting ready to set up stall for business.

Monks stood by both side of the markets.

It was interesting seeing the locals and the stuffs they sell.

Not sure what sort of food this is.

Was the frying pan too small?



The unwrapped one.

Market's location.
It is a short walk distance from Novotel Centara Hotel.

Pitcher plants delicacies!

Hui kept a watchful eye the whole morning.

More food.

Noodles with all sort of meat balls.

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