Friday, January 27, 2012

Camping at Khersonese Basecamp, Kampung Slim, Tanjung Malim, Perak 1 January 2012

 A quiet Kampung Slim at Tanjung Malim.
It consists of two rows of multi-racial shophouses. 
We waited for Bai, an orang asli of Jakun tribe at Kg Slim, who brought us to the campsite. 

The chinese shophouse is sandwiched between a Malay-run grocery store and an Indian stall.

The journey from Kg Slim to the orang asli campsite is so picturesque.

Some part of the road are sandy.

A still lake and a range of green mountains.

Sooo beautiful.

Crossed a bridge and saw a group of orang asli children played in the river without clothes on.

Ah Man's house by the road side.
The campsite is just across his house.

After a 20minutes drive from Kg Slim, Bai finally stopped his car.
The hut is the dining area and we camped next to it.

Dining hall.

Wash basin at the hall but dont expect clean water.
Ah Man, setting up the 2-men Coleman tent, available for rent at RM30.

Clothes line made of sticks and ropes.

Toilet and shower.

Big juicy caterpillar which camped along with us.

And a giant spider with its humongous web.

A high long table, perfect for setting up our stove.

The brownish river which had given such pleasure to the kids.

Observing the queen ant digging for a new home.

En's jumping stint from the fallen tree trunk.

Catch of the day.

Dad and En, setting up protection for our tent, during the heavy downpour.

It has been ages since the last time En performed a shadowy show.

Perfect fire for corns and sweet potatoes.

Few scarab beetles joined us at night. En didn't mind having one on her palm.
My view of the green morning stillness was abruptly interrupted by the appearance of three pair of legs. 

 Muzailan binti Musaed

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