Friday, January 27, 2012

Newspaper Recycling and Mangrove Seed Planting at MNS - Environmental Intrepretive Centre, Sepang 9 January 2012

I explained to En, incidentally the road that we are travelling now is a border marker between the state of Negeri Sembilan on the left and Selangor is the road itself.

Malaysian Nature Society, Environmental Interpretive Centre, Sepang.

Compound outside the office.

Map to MNS EIC
Tapak Lama Balai Polis
Jalan Sepang 43900 Sepang.
03- 3142 2748 

Entrance to the office.

Orang asli and other traditional tools on display.

Common stingray specimen.

Zooplankton and other microorganism under the microscope.

Newspaper recycling activity.
The sample of a paper recycled out of newspaper and you can also shaped it into a gecko shape.

Our group recycling newpaper.  

Tear the newpapers to small pieces.

Blend them with water in a blender, to turn the paper into pulp.

Pour the mixture out.

This is the strainer, to scoop the pulp up.

Scooping the mushy pulp

Bring it up.

Overturn the strainer onto a piece of newspaper and sponge out the water.

Add decoration if you like, dry flowers, leaves, glittery etc.

Older ones are trying to mould pulp into shapes.

Recycled paper left to dry. Children can bring home the paper.

Animal Planet Video.

At the back of the MNS EIC, is mangrove swamp.

Young mangrove plants.

A 30 years old mangrove tree.

It feels good to be in the nature.

Mangrove Seed Planting.
Small hoes, plastic bags and mangrove seeds.

Get soil from the swamp.

Mangrove seeds planted in a plastic bag.

The seed will be nurtured till it is 1.5 years old before replanting them by the river.

The platfrom across the mangrove swamp is still under construction.

To join the activity, email
RM16 per child.
RM200 for management and staff fees.


Martha said...

look like a great place, will check it out. thank. :) and also a very Happy Chinese New Year to you. :)

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Martha,

You are welcome. Happy Chinese New Year to you as well.