Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enrichment Centre at Zoo Negara 12 December 2011

We started off with two activities at Zoo's enrichment centre. I like the part where kids get to choose which activity they wish to do.
1. to prepare food for elephants. 
Wrap rice mixed with fruits with banana leaf.
En went to this activity. 

Tie it with the central rib of a banana leaf

This is it.

2. Make pinata balloon.
Hui dashed out to make pinata.

After trying her hands on wrapping the rice, En walked to the pinata line. She stayed longer here.

Then, I saw her sat down with worksheet provided on the table.

Worksheet on skulls & footprints.

Incidentally, when Hui finished pasting the pinata, she sat down to wrap the rice.

When a child is doing something she 's passionately interested in, she grows like a tree - in all directions. This is how children learn, how children grow. They send down a taproot like a tree in dry soil. The tree may be stunted, but it sends out these roots, and suddenly one of these little taproots gone down and strikes a source of water. And the whole tree grows. - John Holt.

We were ushered to a room, filled with exhibits from the various educational programmes that we have joined.

Orang Utan's hair.

Reptiles' eggs.

Stones taken from stomach of Estuarine Crocodile.

Molded footprints.


mellymilly said...

Hi Shannon,
This looks very interesting. Where do I get more info on the program? I tried the link on Zo Negara Ed Package, but didn't see this program. Thanks in advance.

DinaAbuSamah said...

I like to follow your blog because you share interesting activity for children. I am very interested to have my kids participate in this program too. How much did they charge for the program? Appreciate if you could share with me how to participate.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello, Melly Milly & Dina Abu Samah,

This program is a customised summarization of the few programs we have joined with the Zoo. You can read the other programs under the blog label "Zoo Negara".

The charges are different for each program and also depends on children age. From Zoo Negara's website, pick a title and email for further details.

Have fun!

Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore said...

Wow, never know Zoo Negara actually provides all these or is this a private program which you guys chose Zoo Negara as the venue? Kind of confused here.

Ng Shannon said...

Hello "Holiday Programs for Kids in Singapore", this is a program provided by Zoo Negara.