Sunday, January 15, 2012

Driving to Hatyai, Thailand 23 December 2011

It was about 1.5 hour drive to Changlun, Kedah from Juru toll, Penang. We drove early in the morning where traffic was much less.

Alongside the main road where we came from, there are "kopitiam" (coffee shop) restaurants where we bought car insurance for Thailand, which is compulsory. Custom and Immigration form is available for a fee of RM1 per piece, and form will be filled in by them as well.   

There is a money changer.

Other services that are available.

Insurance fees.
We paid RM15 for our sedan car.

At Changlun, Malaysia Immigration.
You can drive through just like going through CIQ from Johore, Malaysia to Singapore.
There is a BHP petrol station available at Changlun, which will be the last available station before you arrive the checkpoint.  

At Thailand border, you need to park your vehicle at parking space located on the left, just before the Custom & Immigratin clearance.
The queue for passport stamping and submission of car documents are at different booths.
You will need a photocopy of the car registration card. And if you are driving a company vehicle, a letter with company letterhead is needed, stating you have the permission to drive to Hatyai.

The Immigration officer will ask for a fee of RM1 for each passport he/she stamps! 

 Paste motor insurance on your screen. A vinyl sticker is provided.
Drive through the checkpoint.

It took us about 40minutes to clear the Thai Custom and Immigration.


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