Friday, August 14, 2015

Homeschool Scout with Quek TL June 2015

Road safety and hiking.

En led the line and was entrusted the compass. 

Fishing with a DIY pole. I like the DIY part. 
En's pole has no bait. She doesn't like fishing with a sharp hook and looking at the fish's mouth trap with hook.   

Someone caught a fish and before the rest could catch a glimpse of it, dear En immediately grabbed it and put the fish into the water. She said " It can't breathe !! "  You may not want to invite her for fishing in the future !

Tell a story within 2-6 pictures. 
Hui said "Han fell into the water and was soaking wet. He had to dry himself by the fire while I happily roast my marshmallow "  :)

May 2015 scout here

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