Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bush-Craft with Orang Asli Semai, Raman Bah Tuin (2) Cooking 12 August 2015

  The path to the jungle classroom is filled with leeches. Every time, one or two of us will get bitten. 

Raman taught us to smoke the banana leaf over the fire to prevent the leaf from easy tearing during the food wrapping process. 

Smoked banana leaf. 

Mixture of wheat flour, brown sugar and water.

Wrapped the mixutre with "Daun Bemban" or "banana leaf. 

First two on the left were wrapped with banana leaves and the third one was wrapped with "Daun Bemban"

Stuffed the wrapped food into the bamboo.

Another way is to pour the mixture straight into the bamboo. 

The food that was wrapped with leaf was moist.

The food that was poured straight into the bamboo was drier. 

Demonstration on chopping a bamboo.

Look at the beautiful pattern created when Raman chopped it. 

Splitting the bamboo

Bamboo shaving which act as a tinder for fire. 

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