Thursday, August 6, 2015

Homeschool Scout with Quek TL (1st Term) January 2015

A clothes folding tool made of paper. 

Basic marching

January began with scout trial lessons. I was deciding between saving the fees or joining the scout with Mr Quek and his MyGyver program.I don't like the program name but the children love him to bits. 


jill said...

Hi,I am a mother of two girls too and I like the activities that u posted on your blog,may I know how can I join the scout program?
Enjoy reading your blog😊

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Jill

Thank you.

You can start a group with minimum 10 children. Our group has reached he max no of ppl. Contact the scout master at this no. 0122950265.

jill said...

Thanks for the reply:)