Friday, August 28, 2015

Bush-Craft with Orang Asli Semai, Raman Bah Tuin (3) Building Shelter 19 August 2015

Tongkat Ali. (Photo Credit to Martha)
There is so much you can find in the jungle. After three visits with Raman, I found myself scanning any area with plants much more than before, looking for something edible.  

(Photo Credit to Martha)
En and N helped with harvesting "daun Bertam" to make shelter. The leaf is filled with tiny thorns. 

There are three ways to weave "daun Bemban", according to Raman.

(Photo Credit to Martha)
The frame-work of the shelter. 

(Photo Credit to Martha)
The weaved leaves was tied with tree root to the frame-work.  

The side view of the shelter. It was kinda cooling sitting under it. 

The back of the shelter. Raman stacked it with more "daun Bemban", vertically.  

A venomous young female adult Wagler's Pit Viper  transitioning to full adult. In Malay, it is called "Ular Kapak". Orang Asli called it "Tunggu Bulan" (Wait for Moon) because it will slither away during full moon. The female is longer than the male and can grow to about 1 meter whereas the male rarely exceed 30cm. I may sound like a snake expert huh. :) But no, I asked Steven, the herping expert.  
This beautiful snake was resting nearby where we built our shelter. 

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