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10th Malaysia National Open Figure Skating Championship and Basic Skill Competition Q & A (1) 5 April 2015

Basic Level 2 program with song title "Hijo de la luna"

Basic Level 1 program with song title "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

LBS asked the kids a few questions and briefly, here is what the kids have got to say.

1. Can you tell us the name of the competition and who are the competitors?
10th Malaysia Open National Figure Skating Championship and Basic Skill Competition.
We joined the Basic Skill Competition. The basic skill competitors are from Royale Chulan Ice Skating Rink, Sunway Ice Skating Rink and IOI Ice Skating rink.

2. What events did you compete in and what placing did you get?
En (10 years old+) joined basic level 2 and got placing no.1 whereas Hui (7 years old+) joined basic level 1 and got placing no. 2.
(There are two levels at Basic Skill Competition, which are 1 and 2)

3. Was this your first competition? And what was the experience like?
For figure skating competition, yes it was our first.
Hui - I am very happy when I won second placing. On that day I was nervous, excited and wonder what placing will I get.
En - During training process, it was fun but hard work. On the event day, I felt nervous and excited. When I finished performing, I was so proud of myself that I was able to go through it despite all the mixed feelings that I had. And for the first time, I spoke to Julian Yee !

4. How do you feel winning at your event? Are you going to join more competitions in the near future?
Hui - I was so happy that I couldn't wait for my name to be announced.
En - I felt thankful for the opportunity that Royale Ice Skating Rink has given me.
Yes, we would like to join more competition in the near future.

5. Would you recommend other kids to take up ice-skating? Why?
It is up to the kids. If they like it, yes, why not.

6. What are some of the challenges you face with ice-skating?
En: I have pressure of winning to deal with, mainly because I am being fully sponsored by the rink. And half way through, my skate broke and I need to get used to another pair of shoe in a short time.
Hui - I fell down countless of time while doing my jump with my new pair of skates that comes with a bigger toe pick. My knees swell and I have to continue training despite having muscle and ankle pain. 

Part (2) here.

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