Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Volunteering at Raptor Watch 2014, Ilham Resort Port Dickson 8 March 2014

It was our second year of volunteering at "Green Living" SIG booth. Thanks EL for the invitation. Kids have been anxiously waiting for that day to come. En was especially excited. This year, the children made one game each for the booth.

Hui made the "Hit and Win". The player needs to hit the building with ping pong ball and avoid the trees. 

En made the "Spin and Win". The player spins the flower pinwheel that has number on each petal. Each number paired up with a message that was displayed on a piece of yellow paper. To win, the player needs to get the message that is good for the environment. 

EL approved the games and there were displayed on the booth. 

The children explained and served the visitors bravely. 
The only problem they faced is BM ( Malay language). This provides another purpose to learn the language and improve. 

EL taught them how to play "congkak". Thereafter, they were hooked and love  the game.

I found Hui here, playing limbo rock with a group of teenagers.  Very funny looking with an oversized shirt. 

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