Thursday, July 2, 2015

Figure skate shoes, The Rink, JCube, Jurong Central 2 November 2013

SGD169  Jackson SoftSkate

The kids's figure skate lesson has reached basic level three where they need a pair of figure skate shoe. Currently, the rink provides hockey skate shoe and their coach said it is hard to teach them at this level with hockey skates.

After calculating the cost, it turned out that it is a big sum to our family, I sat down and discussed with the kids. We came out with some ways of cutting down cost and making it more affordable. 

1. Do garage sale to raise funds. 
2, Get a second hand pair if possible. 
3. Source for cheaper shoes (check Singapore)
4. Take great care of the shoe to have a good re-sale value. 
5. Get one size bigger shoes, wear it with thick socks, so that the shoes can last longer. (yuck)    
The kids are helpful, understanding and supportive. I am thankful.   

The Rink in Singapore is a huge olympic size ice skating rink and doing the elements is much easier due to the space, so said the kids. 

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