Monday, July 27, 2015

Camping at Pantai Kerachut, Penang National Park 8 June 2014

At the jetty of Pantai Kerachut, one can see all sorts of jelly fish. The sea is not suitable for swimming. 

This one here looks like a mushroom.

At the beach, there are toilets and shower facilities. 

We climbed the steps adjacent to the shower stall, to reach Pantai Keranchut campsite.

Some parts of our tent was torn by aggresive Macaques, trying to reach the food within and hanging above. 

Open shower at the campsite that filled with dried leaves and cobwebs.

What I like the most is the kitchen area where we cooked and washed up easily. 

There is a turtle sanctuary at Pantai Kerachut. 

Exploring the rocky areas. 

Walking over the suspension bridge that overlooks a meromictic lake. 

They found a tiny jellyfish stucked in a low tide at the meromictic lake.

They rescued it by scooping it into their pail

and released it into the sea. 

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