Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rocky Shores Survey at Pulau Merambong, Save The Seahorse, Gelang Patah Johor Baru 15 March 2014

Low tide at Pulau Merambong. We came here with SOS

Thumbs-up sea squirt

Tube anemone


We didn't know there was a decorator crab near a black sea cucumber till it moved! 

I have no idea what this is.

A noble volute creeping next to zoanthids. 

Egg case of the moon snails. 

There were many common starfish. :)

Tube worm. 

Flower crab.

Really hairy crab

Soft coral. 

We don't know what type of worm this is, next to the sea lettuce.

A fan seaweed.

All sort of barnacles

Orange sea cucumber.

Brittle star.

En was excited seeing a cuttlefish bone! She was looking for it to feed her pet snail. She said "It provides calcium for the snail"

A tiny fiddler crab.

Kids and their new-found friends  

When a black sea cucumber senses danger, it will ejects a sticky white thread to defend itself.

Carpet anemone

Looks like a clam.

Fan shell

Another type of anemone

Peacock anemone

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