Friday, July 10, 2015

Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan December 2013

My family and I were given 4 times free, full board, 3 days 2 nights stay at Thistle Port Dickson Resort as En joined "Kids In Charge" project as a board member. 

The hotel staffs whom I came across during the stay are truly fantastic, from the manager John, to the waitresses, waiters, housekeepers, front desk supervisor and also the porter.

The hotel also has a wide range of activities for children. The huge pool with slides is the main attraction and it comes with a free ice cream by the pool bar. There is also a children playground adjacent to the pool.  
Here are some other activities:

Movie schedule is pasted on the movie room entrance. The room is filled with bean bag seats and a huge screen. A video games room is next to it. 

Get a balloon shaped to your choice during check in/check out time. 

Games for both individual and family.

Flying fox!!!! RM 15 per person is not too expensive.

 Ping pong, play tennis in an outdoor tennis court  or volleyball by the beach are available.

A free sand art station is next to a toddler playroom with ball park and playhouse. 

Chess and Snake & Ladder game on the lawn.


You will never have time to be bored here. 

Beach is clean. 

Wade the low tide pool. 
Take the jet ski, boat or kayak for free. 

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