Friday, September 4, 2015

When spending time with your kids by Steve Biddulph September 2015

When spending time with your kds,

1) Don't expect to actually achieve anything ! Especially with small children ( like going to the post office) the goal is no longer a goal. For example - if you are teaching them to use a screwdriver, you won't get the door hung in a great hurry. So let go of that one. They will wander off in a while and you can make up for lost time.

2) Only do things with kids which you feel relaxed about. Their help in planting out spring seedlings will not give you an immaculate garden. You have to decide what you are doing - being with your kids or getting your job done in your usual standards. If you try to do both you will experience a little frustration. If I'm writing on the computer, I can't stand to be interrupted. So I don' t even try to involve my kids

3) Enjoy parenthood - it doesn't last! I was in my thirties when my son arrived, and so I am mindful that parenthood being all too short. If he wanders by when I am doing my job, I value the contact with him and like to see what I can teach him then and there. But not writing on the computer!

In conclusion - as a father you need to decide moment to moment what is more important to you, and it will sometimes be the kids, and sometimes not. One big plus is that kids tend to slow you down, and while slowed down, you start to rediscover little pleasures, which is the gift they bring. Time with kids is never wasted.

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