Friday, September 11, 2015

Book Club - My Side of The Mountain (1) 9 September 2015

After my kids left the Cultural Appreciation Co-op, En decided she wanted to try something else. And she remember the "Book Club" invitation from Aunty M long ago. After checking with Aunty M, we were glad that she said yes. And so we embarked on the new journey where neither my kids nor I have ever tried before. A book club. So my children asked, what does poeple do in a book club !!!!

A clueless me did a google on what a book club is all about. I found out that it is a group where people meet to discuss about the book. hmmm.. okay. 

Here is our first book club meeting, among the beautiful trees, on almost flat boulder laid with picnic mat and the background music of water cascading down the rocks. Perfect. 

We were introduced to "My Side of the Mountain." The book title itself made me fell in love with it instantly. 
A first chapter was read. Difficult words were written down on a writing book. Needless to say, we have tons of it. hemlock tree, wick (yeah a wick), weasel, gorge, cascades, ash slats, knotholes, it goes on forever. The children wrote down the setting and described it in their own way. They excitedly did every single suggestions and they said it was fun. I have to say, it is really enjoyable, yeah. 

Along the way, the children asked mommy how to spell this and that. I just love it. This is book club. What an experience ! :) Thank you very much, M. 


Martha said...

next....pancakes pancakes pancakes! :)

Ng Shannon said...

Pancakes pancakes pancakes on the way :D