Friday, September 11, 2015

Green Living SIG 3R - Reduce and Reuse Talk at Nikon, Menara PKNS 9 September 2015

En, represented Green Living SIG MNS, gave a talk to 15 Nikon employees on "The 3Rs: Reducing and Reusing." The slides were prepared by EL, the founder of Green Living.
 Due to her tight schedule, she managed to go through the slides just once. I asked if she is ready. She replied yes comfortably. I think most probably it is because 3Rs is close to her and one of her favourite topic. She made the audience laughed and I felt the adults were at ease with her. 
I sat at the end of the room, watching her and wondering what I have done to derserve a wonderful girl like her. I am blessed.  

Thank you EL. 


Unknown said...

Waaaaah super terror this young lady!

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Oh I have full confidence in her! I wasn't worried at all! We all love her and are proud of her! En and Hui are valuable committee members and are full of ideas.

Ng Shannon said...

Dear "Unknown"
Not at all. She made mistake but laughed about it and so the audience laughed along.

You are the no 1 supporter !!!