Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Just for Preteens by Jack Canfield. Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark 24 September 2015

This book caught my attention while I scanned the books at parenting section. As my older child reached preteen age, I wonder if I would also face the same challenges as would other mothers with preteen age children who has shared their stories with me.

I turned to the back cover which read " You're growing up, your friends are changing, homework is harder, and your life has more ups and downs than it used to"

"Your friends are changing" rings a bell. 
"Why is she not playing anymore? " asked En.  

" When they grow older, they try to look cool." said Hui. 
" They also speak in a different way like why did you guys get upset. It is just one stupid game."  
Hui added we were just playing and the game is not stupid. Stupid is not a nice word.  

I flipped to the "Introduction" page. One paragraph said "We hope you will view this book as a portable support group for preteens, like another friend you can turn to. You might want to encourage your parents to read it also - it will help them remember their own preteen years and better understand what is going on in your life these days! "

I thought, "parents, ME ? yeah, right. "  I bought the book. 

There are 101 stories in the book. Below is an excerpt of Sara Hedberg's sharing.   
"Junior high is a zoo. It's filled to the brim with a lot of naive kids who all want to be top dog, but most of them are a completely different kind of animal. I consider myself a snake because I am hardly ever comfortable in my own skin. I have always been one of the quiet kids. When the spotlight is directed at me, I almost always say the wong thing. Otherwise, I become like a parrot, simply echoing what the leaders of the flock say. Those leaders seem to be chameleons, because they change their appearance at just the right time to stay alive. They are also many mockingbirds in junior high, making fun of everything you say. But don't let those people get under your skin. My advice is this: Don't be a parrot, mockingbird, or snake. Be yourself, whatever animal you are, because this is the greatest gift you have" 

There is so much go through a child's mind.  

I try to grasp each story 's lesson to share and discuss with my children. And I also shared my own story - moving from one rental home to another, endless fight between pa ma, the hardship of meeting the basic needs of living.

I told them to stand by their friends while they are growing up and facing changes or difficulties. Not just them, I need to do the same too for them or their friends.  

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