Monday, April 16, 2012

Watching Irrawady dolphins, Kampung Buntal, Santubong, Sarawak 11 February 2012

Our transport that picked us up from Brooke Terrace to Kampung Buntal, charged RM60 both ways.
Jamil, our driver can be contacted at 019 885 7404/ 016 525 7404

Looks yummy.

Then we were taken to our boat for "Wildlife River Cruise" and "Irrawady Dolphin Watching".
Boat owner, Ehwan Bin Ibrahim can be contacted at 019 878 5088/ 019 826 5680
We paid RM400 for two families of 8 people.

A banner displayed at Ehwan's roti canai stall. 

We went in between the mangrove, trying to spot a crocodile!

Mangrove roots.

Fisherman retrieved the cast net.

Cruised along Santubong river and its vast mangrove vegetation.

We were lucky to spot the Irrawady dolphins, countless of times. 


Anonymous said...

Hello, Thank you for your support on the boat cruise, by the way I'm fathul faiz, Mr Ehwan son. My father leave me a message that could you leave your phone number through my email. Thank you ,

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Fathul,

You are welcome. It was a good trip!