Monday, April 16, 2012

Boat to National Bako Park, Kampung Bako, Sarawak. 9 February 2012

National Bako Park opening hours.

A cafetaria which located next to the jetty, served Malay food.

Check the tide. At low tide, the boats are unable to dock in front of the park. 
Bako National Park Tel : (+6) 082 431334  

During the monsoon season (November to March), boat fare to Bako National Park is RM50 per way. 
A boat can take a maximum of 4 persons. Whereas during the non-monsoon season, it is RM3 cheaper. 

There is a sign stated "Beware of Crocodiles" !!

The jetty.

Our boat and boatman. 
Pay the boatman cash onboard. 
The same boatman will pick you up on the return leg, so remember to tell him  the pick-up day and time. 

Life vest is provided.

Songkor, used to catch shrimps to make belacan.
40minutes boat ride, passing by fishermen, villages at the coastline and multiple songkor. 

We arrived at low tide and 

we have to walk the muddy shoreline to the park.

Entrance to the park.

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