Monday, April 16, 2012

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, Shah Alam 12 March 2012

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We were told to enter Gate 7 that leads us straight to the car park.

This is me :D

This is the waiting room where a video on Islam, Q & A sessions and lunch were served.  
The information provided was very lengthy. 

Touring the mosque. En was provided with a purple headscarf.

Huge area. 
It ain't named the biggest moqsue in Malaysia for nothing. 

The dome is also the largest in the world. 

Little (not so little) Hui couldn't help but ran around the huge compound.
While most of my field trips were initiated by my older child, this trip was solely from this little person.
It all started when she questioned me on How God is created, How did He appear, Where is He, Who is the first baby on earth etc. 

Muslims pray side by side, shoulder to shoulder, in a straight line, shown by the brown tiles on the photo.

Speaker located on each and every pillar, so the Iman could be heard from the outside of the praying hall.

Muslimah praying.

Little kids listened intently to Ray, on how to read the Quran. 

Shareef showed and explained how a Muslim performs prayer.

The prayer hall is fully furnished with beautifully designed carpet.

Quran, the recitation. 

Arabic verses in the Quran.



En Hui is so lucky to has a mother/teacher like you. I'm sure she will become a broad open minded person and a good Malaysian. All the best!!

Ng Shannon said...

Thank you so much, Hafidz. On the contrary, I feel I am the lucky one, to have them as my children. :D Wish you all the best too.