Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong Sarawak 13 February 2012

Transport to Sarawak Cultural Village is available in front of Grand Margherita. 
Adult RM10nett per way. Children RM5nett per way.
Departure time 0915 1020 1220 and 1420

This is the transport.
Person in charge - Halik 019 8251619
He sells the Sarawak Cultural Village ticket as well and give a RM5 discount off the total amount.

Remember the cultural show time and plan your trip accordingly.

They simply love this step, going up and down. 

The Cultural showcase few of the tribes' traditional dances. 

There are two cultural shows daily, 1130am and 4pm.

Crossing the Bidayuh bamboo bridge. 
This is my second time here and never felt it was educational till I came with my children!

Bidayuh head house used to store skulls of enemies killed in a battle !!

Displays inside the headhouse.

The Bidayuh use bamboo for anything and everything.

Rice grinding.

These male and female figurines that drive evil away.

Delicate bead artwork demonstration inside the Bidayuh hut.

Kuih Jala cooking demonstration, food prepared during the harvest season.

Skulls of the enemy.

Bidayuh longhouse.

Rumah Penan.

Penan tribe looks very similar to chinese, according to Pampang Tyson, an Iban guide at the Penan hut.

Pampang showed us how to use blowpipe. He share generously and we learnt a great deal from him.

Such simple life of a Penan hut. Love it.

Rumah Orang Ulu

An Orang Ulu ,carving sape, a traditional musical instrument.

Cucur Bandung cooking demonstration, a delicacy of the Orang Ulu.

Rumah Melanau

Clay oven for cooking sago pearl.
There was a Melanau tribe person explained to us, the process of making sago.
Sago is a staple food for them. 

A shredder, used to shred the sago.

Kneading the sago into pearl shape.

Rumah Melayu. Selamat datang!

Kuih Bahulu cooking demonstration inside Rumah Melayu.

Kuih Kapit cooking demonstration.

A woman belt out a beautiful malay song.

Chinese home. Wanyin!

Making straw hat.

Bird nest processing was briefed by a chinese aunty. Wide-eyed, Hui added "Huh, bird saliva"

Written oracle used in Kau Cim, a chinese fortune telling practice.

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