Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cultural Appreciation Co Op Show and Tell (Malaysia) 7 October 2013

 En(in whiteT ), doing what she does best,  that is to work with her hands and teach. 
She loves weaving and I see her weaves everywhere, whenever she sees leaves great for weaving. 

En excitedly joined a "Cultural Appreciation Co Op Show and Tell" initiated by a homeschool mom, one of the many moms I admire.  She has always wanted to do a "Show and Tell"  with friends and this opportunity came at the right time.  

After the first meet up, they went home with some work to complete for the next presentation. En paired up with a friend on a weaving topic.

I told her to do research, just as what her team mate has said,  even though I know she is not into long research and reading dry facts. No, not just yet.  

A couple of days later, she said to me  this"Show and Tell" is not something she wanted to do and wish to pull out. 

I know it may be the dreaded research she has to do. I should have just let her ease into it than to tell her she has to do it. 
So I said to her, we will need to do the first topic as promised and will stop thereafter. Thankfully, she agreed without any hesitation.  

And I added (with the hope to fix my mistake), " Follow your heart and do what you enjoys doing". And leave her be. 

I watched her busy with her usual knick-knack and then she said she only needs to cut banana leaves for the "Show and Tell". On that day, she showed the simple weaving part that she always does and gave an impromptu short sentences. No long dry facts. After it all ended, she said she likes to continue and do more "Show and Tell". 


I admire her calm "Show and Tell" and the very best part is, she enjoyed the session.     

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