Friday, June 26, 2015

Bamboo Village, Kampung Sg. Hulu Langat, Selangor 12 October 2013

The owner, En Ramadhan greeted us at the entrance of Bamboo Village. The kids and I instantly felt at ease with the quiet and green surrounding. 

"Eagle Nest", our choice of accommodation is located furthest from the entrance at the far right corner.  It is only RM 120 per night for the 4 of us. 

"Eagle Nest"
En checking the toilet and cold shower bathroom. The stair led to the tiny bedroom. 

Thin mattresses and blanket on the floor. There is a fan as well. 
I like the simplicity and kids have no complaint as well. 

Our front view from the bedroom. 

En climbed out from the window and onto the plank. There she sat, under the roof, in deep thoughts.

At 6 pm, the flock of hens and rooster will roost in the trees above. From our window, we saw how one by one, the chickens flown up to the horizontal stick that is tied between the two trees. From the stick, they flown up to the trees above. 

 I was awoke by the sound of En running down from our bedroom early morning in darkness. I wasn't sure why she was awoke that early. She came back later, excitedly exclaimed that she witnessed all the chickens flown down from the tree.  

Some hens slept on top of the plants. 

I saw a tiny yellow snake slithered on the roof in the day and thereafter found a molted skin!  

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Such wonderful adventures!