Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wire Netting Workshop by Mr Tsuji at National Textile Museum 12 May 2013

The workshop is only meant for 18 years old and above. My little kid felt she could do it too when I told her   the age limit. When she wanted to try, Mr Tsuji kindly gave her a piece to meddle with. 

By nature, children likes to do what the adults are doing, she proved this theory right again. Loving them and letting them be part of our life is one of best things I could do for them.   

Yesterday, during the long bus ride to the airport,  I had a out of this world chat with my 9 year old. One of the question I asked her was,  "In the whole world, what are the things that interest you the most?"

She gave her smile while staring into the space, saying "LIFE, mommy, life"  

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